# Other

# Versioning

All components of ItemsAPI and clients are going in the same versioning lines. For example ItemsAPI has 2.1.x and Javascript client has 2.1.x version.

Similar way will be with 2.2.x, 2.3.x, etc

This will help maintaining full compatibility between them


You can secure access to API by enablind API_KEY. Just start a server like:

API_KEY=afg1pbaS npm start

# or docker
docker run -it -e API_KEY='afg1pbaS' -p 3000:3000 itemsapi/itemsapi

All API requests should goes with api_key in GET query. Otherwise there will be 401 HTTP error.

# ID primary keys

ID id keys are required in items indexing in order to have fully working - update item, delete item feature